January 31, 2009

We Shall Remember Sapper Greenfield

In honour of our fallen CanadiansThey shall grow not old, as we who are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them

In memory of our fallen Canadian:

Sapper Sean David Greenfield - Afghanistan January 31, 2009

Always Caring — Always Canadian — Never Defeated

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Actions Mightier Than Military Might

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
Remember earlier last November the savage attack on school girls in Afghanistan as they made their way to school? Men on motorcycles sprayed acid on the girls as they walked to school, seriously hurting one of them. It is believed that the attack was launched by the Taliban in an effort to stop girls from attending school.

Since then eight men have been rounded up and at least one of them has confessed. The attack sparked outrage in Afghanistan and around the world for the viciousness. In the days following the attack attendance at schools, especially for girls fell off. The young girl who was so badly injured spoke out that she was determined to return to school, that the attack was not going to stop her. -- read more

January 30, 2009

My Canada includes “O Canada”

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
The principal at the Belleisle Elementary School in Springfield, New Brunswick pulled the daily singing of “O Canada” at the start of the 2007 school year. This has recently come to light as the result of a letter to a local paper. Many, if not most of the parents, were unaware of the decision by Erik Millet.

He claims that a couple of parents complained and in the spirit of accommodation and inclusiveness, he cancelled the singing for everyone. They do still sing the anthem at school assemblies. He hasn’t divulged why the alleged parents complained which has led to considerable speculation by people commenting on news stories of the controversy. -- read more

January 29, 2009

Layton Kills Coalition

Posted on: Out of The Shadows
The coalition between the Liberals and NDP with the support of the Bloc is dead, killed by Layton. Layton’s behaviour leading up to and since the budget was delivered to the House has done nothing except prove what Harper’s Conservatives claimed that he was after, a power grab. For the Liberals to quickly fall in line behind Layton’s desires would be political suicide.

The difference between Ignatieff’s Liberals and Layton’s NDP is that they have and can form a government. Layton can only get there on the backs of the Liberals and he knows it. Had he truly been wanting to do what was right for the Canadian people, he’d have kept his mouth shut prior to the budget and taken a wait and see approach. -- read more

January 28, 2009

Government Will Survive

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
Well the budget has been read, what hadn’t already been ‘leaked’ is now known. Ignatieff and his caucuse has had time to review it and made the call on if the government will stand, for now.

From what I saw of the tax cuts, they have hit some areas where tax relief should be like low income earners and seniors. The cuts for the middle income people was more about Conservative idealogy and vote buying than any true benefit. While middle income earners will save a bit (and I do mean a bit) on their income taxes each year, that collective ‘bit’ will mean we stay in deficit longer. -- read more

January 27, 2009

The Gaza Debate

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
You know, I’ve watched this situation in the Gaza strip going on. I can be some what detached from it all as I don’t have any direct connection to either side of the conflict other than it being in the area of the Holy Land which is where the roots of my own faith are.

I don’t even begin to understand all that goes on there other than the emnity and hatred on both sides runs deep. I expect that just as there are those on both sides of the divide who believe the other side is absolutely the agressors there are those of goodwill who mere want to live their lives in peace. -- read more

January 26, 2009

Parliament Opens, Let the Games Begin

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
Well, parliament has reopened without a lot of pomp and circumstance. The lack of show was more due to the frigid cold than any austerity move. I’ve been in Ottawa and around the Hill this time of year, it is VERY cold there. The throne speech, written by the government and delivered by the Governor General, was relatively brief as throne speeches go.

The big news of the day wasn’t really the throne speech anyways. The bigger news is the budget that will be delivered tomorrow. Many of the details of the budget has been ‘leaked’, although when the leaking gets done by government officials and ministers, that is deliberate. -- read more

January 24, 2009

New Year, New Look

Posted on: Ides of May
Finally getting around to paying attention to my blogs. You may notice that I’ve just put a new look on this blog using a theme that I found on 50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes. I found that link from a tweep on Twitter. Are you following me on Twitter yet?

The theme at this point is right out of the box. I have some tweaks I want to do to it yet to make it more ‘me’ but I like the overall look for this blog. This blog is sort of a notebook of my life so the theme just called to me to put it to use. Right now it is more important that I actually put some content into the blog than to just play with the esthetics. -- read more

Budget Time Approaching

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
All eyes will be on Ottawa for the next few days leading up to Tuesday’s budget reading. It’s been a bit of an odd path to this budget. First we had an election that Harper called because he claimed that Parliament had become dysfunctional, which was true but largely because he and his people chose to make it so.

During that election, Harper either was blind to the fact that an economic tsunami was bearing down on the world or was deluded enough to actually believe that it would miraculously wash itself around Canada while engulfing our largest trading partner, the USA. He belittled the opposition when they spoke of the need to take immediate measures to offset the coming storm. He did note however that the stock market meltdown that was underway did provide some excellent buying opportunities. He didn’t seem to notice that those losing their shirt to create those opportunities, included Canadians. -- read more

January 23, 2009

Prime Minister is Not Directly Elected

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
Next week Parliament will once more resume, the second time since the October 14th election. The first sitting lasted a matter of days before Harper’s lapdog Flaherty aka the Finance Minister made an economic statement that accomplished nothing else except getting the three opposition parties talking to each other in a serious way.

Oh, it also brought about a very swift transition of power for the Liberals as Dion left and Ignatieff was installed as leader. He will have to be confirmed as leader at their convention in May but at the rate things are moving, that will be a rubber stamp. Flaherty’s statement provoked the three opposition parties to put together an agreement to form a coalition government to propose to the Governor-General after they had brought down the government on a vote of non-confidence. -- read more

Obama Takes the Reigns

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
I started this post yesterday but my site went down, then I had to go to work and time shifted by until yesterday’s post is now today’s. c’est la vie!

Well, the world watched as Obama took the oath of office to become the 44th American President. I don’t normally follow American politics beyond the most basic information. The Americans are after all, the next door neighbour to my own country and what happens there has an effect on Canada. Do I hang on their every sneeze, no, as small as our little boys in Ottawa are, they are the ones who truly impact my life.

I watched fascinated and almost unable to believe what I was watching as the first black American took the reigns of power. I’ve said it before in these pages, I never ever thought it would be possible for that to happen in the USA of all places in my life time. This man is a man like no other, of any colour. -- read more

January 6, 2009

Debt Related Deaths

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
I’ve been watching the reports out of Quebec about the family that parents allegedly formed a suicide pact after killing their three children. While the husband died, the wife survived and is now charged with three counts of murder and one of assisted suicide.

Having experienced depression myself, I can understand someone reaching their breaking point. I have to stop short of understanding what drives a person not to have enough of the will to survive to reach for help but it is not impossible to understand that depth of depression. -- read more