April 30, 2011

Putting some thought into that final election decision http://ping.fm/8iULR elxn41 lpc ndp

April 28, 2011

We need to think twice before voting http://ping.fm/d5QcS

April 21, 2011

Ignatieff FB townhall starting at 1:30pm.. a new first http://ping.fm/kjwbI elxn41 lpc

pointer to article: Successful Selling on Social Media http://ping.fm/7RsVM by @smexaminer

NDP Rising? Be careful what we wish for http://ping.fm/WLZyn elxn41

April 20, 2011

Compromise is a word Harper needs to learn http://ping.fm/GB3Oa elxn41

the cold hard facts for success http://ping.fm/RY7pV how many do you follow

April 7, 2011

Well written post on the importance of this election http://ping.fm/6H9ur elxn41

The sort of apology http://ping.fm/t5vU7 elxn41

April 5, 2011

Let's not forget Harper's contempt http://ping.fm/GP98P elxn41