November 26, 2007

Canadian Woman First to Serve at Afghan Police Substation

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
Increasingly the Taliban have taken to dressing up as women or forcing women to carry weapons for them through police checkpoints in Afghanistan. Afghani police, who are male, on the checkpoints are prohibited from searching women. The search would go against their cultural norms. Women are still largely clothed in burkas which hides their identities and are baggy enough that arms and explosives can be hidden underneath.This situation allows the Taliban free movement past checkpoints. -- read more

November 21, 2007

Growing Concerns Over Tasers

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On October 14th RCMP in British Columbia hit a man twice with tasers to subdue him and instead killed him. Video of the incident showed the last 10 minutes of the man’s life. The man had spent several hours in a secured area of the airport, growing increasingly agitated. Four officers arrived on the scene and within moments of approaching him tasered him twice. -- read more

November 14, 2007

Mulroney Gets His Probe

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
Prime Minister Harper has done what he really has been left with little choice to do, he’s called a full public inquiry into Mulroney, the Airbus affair and Schreiber’s dealings with him. It isn’t that Harper had any suggested involvement in the affair that likely led him to initially try to avoid any inquiry at all.

Harper isn’t stupid, he realizes the optics of a public inquiry into a Conservative Prime Minister is not going to strengthen his position as "Mr Clean". Even though Paul Martin was exonerated by Gomery of any involvement in the Liberal scandals, Harper rode the optics of a ‘corrupt party’ in government to gain himself a minority government. -- read more

November 13, 2007

Lying Brian Surfaces Again

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Brian Mulroney was probably one of the least popular Prime Ministers this country has ever had. Many of his critics, and there were many, referred to him as ‘lying Brian’. My late father, a to the core Conservative, was among those who reviled Mulroney. He would often say that the only time Mulroney told the truth was when his mouth was shut. During his final days in office and to this day questions have swirled about his honesty and integrity. -- read more

November 1, 2007

Dion Needs to Aim Higher Than His Foot

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On Tuesday, Flaherty, the Minister of Finance announced some tax measure in what amounted to a mini-budget. He announced tax cuts, some of which we would have already been enjoying if the Liberals had been elected. He implemented the tax cut for lower income Canadians that the Liberals had set and the Conservatives canceled when they came to power. Flaherty also announced another 1% cut to the GST which fulfills a campaign promise the Conservatives had made and the measure where Dion is shooting himself in the foot. -- read more