January 31, 2007

MyBlogLog Comments

Over on Ides of May today I have posted some comments about MyBlogLog, a social networking site which has been acquired by Yahoo. Even as a standalone site, this site has my interest.

January 30, 2007

Apollo Has Landed

Over at Ides of May today, I post about my latest Grand-nephew who arrived on Sunday January 28th. I received a picture of him last night so now was time to show him off.

More on Tory Ads

I took some time to have a look around the blogosphere to see what others are saying about the Tory attack ads which were released over the weekend some excerpts are posted at Out of the Shadows. There has also been some questions raised about copyright of the footage used in the videos.

January 29, 2007

Reverse Dieting Not Absurd

A piece in the Toronto Star today prompted my entry on Ides of May about reverse dieting. The basic concept is reversing your food intake so your largest meal ends up being in the morning instead of at night. The health reporter termed it "absurd", I disagree, sort of.

Valentine Flowers Ordering Review

When I wrote the posts the other day over on Ides of May about Valentine's Day - history of, about chocolate and about the meaning of flowers I added some advertising links to those entries for ordering flowers and chocolates. I took some time today and explored the flowers site to get a feel of what you could expect if you were ordering from two of them and then posted my comments here.

Tory Attack Ads Tick Me Off

Over on Out of the Shadows today I am on a bit of a rant about the attack ads the Tories have just released attacking Stephane Dion. The good news on that is that it shows pretty clearly that they are afraid of the Liberals. Poor babies.

Guilt by Association

In looking further into why Canada has been able to exonerate while the US continues to keep him on their watch lists, it appears that Canada is remaining a tad truer to the principles of freedom of association than the US. I have a look at that concept at Out of the Shadows.

January 26, 2007

It's About More Than Winter

Over at Ides of May today don't be fooled by that first paragraph that talks about the weather. I've shared some other happenings and of course about my kitty friend Dawn.

Two More on Afghanistan & Arar

Over on Out of the Shadows I've written a post on two subjects but both related to Afghanistan. The first part deals with Bush pledging more US troops to Afghanistan, something I thought he had forgot about since Iraq has been such a focus for him. The second part is the Bloc Quebecois' call for the government to rethink the policy of eradication of poppy crops in Afghanistan. A call I support.

The Canadian government has finally arrived at a settlement with Mahar Arar and at the same time is continuing to struggle with the US over their refusal to remove him from their watch list.

January 25, 2007

Pickton and Afghanistan

At Out of the Shadows today I'm looking at the Robert Pickton trial which has started in British Columbia. This will likely prove to be a rather grueling trial. If found guilty of all the charges currently against him he will be the worst serial killer in Canadian history. This is the first trial of at least two.

I also had a look at Stephane Dion's call for an all party Foreign affairs committee to probe Canada's role in Afghanistan. This is a much better approach then Taliban Jack's demands for troop withdrawal.

January 23, 2007

It's a Valentine's Trio

Over at Ides of May I've just completed posting three articles about Valentine's Day over the last three days. Where Did Valentine's Come From? explores the origins of Valentine's Day and Valentine's cards. Chocolate -- A Natural Valentine's Gift explores what chocolate is, where it came from and what kinds of chocolate are available today for you to choose from for your Valentine. Lastly, today I've posted Flowers to Touch Any Heart which looks at the practice of giving flowers as gifts and most importantly what your choice of flower tells the person you are giving them to. You really don't want to send them flowers that indicate rejection when you really mean "Be My Valentine". Enjoy.

January 20, 2007

Who's Moving the Shells Around

Today over on Out of the Shadows it seems like a couple postings with shell games going on. First we've got the Tories killing off Liberal environmental programs only to paint them blue and bring them back as Torie programs and then claim that the Liberals had a record of inaction. Then we've got the Americans plucking Cubans out of the waters of Gitmo, taking them into their care and then wanting the Canadians to take them along with others. Let's just move them around and where they stop, who knows.

January 19, 2007

Ice Storm and School Building

Over on Ides of May today I have a couple of subjects I blogged about which catches up a bit of my missed days. First up was about the ice storm we had in Ontario on Monday, not like the big one back in the 90s but ice is ice. Then I wrote some notes about the Amish in rural Pennsylvania rebuilding their schoolhouse after the other had been torn down following the murder of four of their girls by a lone gunman who killed himself in October.

A Law Enforcement Day

Over on Out of the Shadows today I've made two posts. The first one is about the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) Commissioner Julian Fantino deciding that the long weekend blitzes will become a thing of the past and that highway enforcement will be a 24/7 blitz. That is the good part, the bad part is that he's killing one of the best brands that the OPP have had for getting the highway safety message out, Sgt Cam Woolley. He'll be around but the humourous anecdotes will disappear. Too bad.

The second story I've looked at today is about a couple of letters reportedly received from a new cell of the FLQ. They are threatening violence and carnage between Feb 15th and Mar 15th. This is not a story you want to take lightly especially if you live in Quebec. The FLQ was a very nasty bunch of terrorists and many of those who participated in the 60s and 70s are still alive and active within the separatist movement.

January 18, 2007

Slippery Legalities

It's a day with some legalities and oil in mind over at Out of the Shadows today. I had a word or two about the Ontario Provincial Police returning to the good old black and white cruisers. Then I took a look at a lawsuit launched in New York against four homeless people. From there, I slid into a comment on the current price of oil in relation to gas pump prices.

The Starting Point

This will be the starting point of this blog. I've started several blogs in the past few months. The posts on them are gearted towards the theme of each blog. Some people like to know where I'm writing because for some reason they like what I write. Go Figure! Here I thought I was just muttering away.

So, this will be a one stop shop so to speak to find out where and what I've been muttering about. Hope you find some enjoyment and stop back often.

Feel free to leave your comments, here or on the other blogs. I enjoy seeing feedback.