July 25, 2007

Tightfisted Canucks Need Tipping Etiquette

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A recent study by the Bank of Montreal claims that Canadians tend to be tightfisted when it comes to tipping. The study seems to indicate that the problem is more a lack of understanding of who to tip and how much than truly being tightfisted with their money.

I generally tip in restaurants and when I get my hair cut but never would think of tipping in other situations. The site, The Original Tipping Page, carries a list of situations and common guidelines on how to determine tips. ... read more

Archbishop of York Speaks Out

Posted at: Ides of May
In a flurry of huffing and puffing following the distribution of invitations to the 2008 Lambeth conference in May, some bishops, particularly those in the so called Global South have declared they will not be accepting their invitations if some of their allies weren’t invited. I’ve watched this childishness going on and wondered when it would dawn on the stuffed shirts that if they remain outside the Anglican Communion tent they claim ownership to that they loose their voice in their efforts to push others out of the tent. ...read post

US Military Might be Catching a Clue

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One of the problems with have a strong level of confidence of who you are is that instead of carrying that awareness with humility there can be a tendency to want to carry a big stick to make sure that no one dares to challenge your confidence. So it has been with the US for a long time. They have consistently blundered into situations with an attitude of ‘we are the superpower and we will be obeyed’ which only serves to seriously blur the line between being confident and being arrogant bullies. ...read post

July 24, 2007

Watch Those Kids Online!

The Toronto Star today reports that the popular website Myspace has revealed that they have 29,000 registered sex offenders as registered users on the site. You really want to be keeping an eye on who your kids are ‘chatting’ with.

Dangerous Pedophile Gets Life

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Peter Whitmore, a man (and I use that term loosely) with a long history of sexual offenses against young children has been allowed to accept a deal where he accepts a life sentence in return for the Crown not pursuing a dangerous offender designation. Under the designation it would be 25 years before Whitmore could apply for parole -- with a life sentence, he can apply in 7 years.

His most recent victims are 10 and 14 years of age. His depraved attacks on them after abducting them from their families last year has left the boys and their families deeply emotionally wounded. One only needs to read their impact statements to give a glimmer of how deeply. ...read post

July 17, 2007

Black and the Order of Canada

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As it stands right now, Conrad Black has been convicted of four of the thirteen charges the American government brought against him. The most serious charge being obstruction of justice. He could spend up to thirty years in prison on those charges. Most of the attention on this case has been because Black is a big name which has been brought down by his own sense of entitlement and arrogance, his sense of being an untouchable. read post..

July 16, 2007

VanDoos Begin Deployment to Afghanistan

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Members of the famed VanDoos, the Royal 22nd Regiment, based in Valcartier, Quebec have begun their deployment to Afghanistan. It is the regiment’s turn to take up Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. The men deploying there have all volunteered, by all accounts they are looking forward to taking part in this mission.

They also hail from the province where opposition to the mission in Afghanistan is the highest in the country. This is nothing new for Quebecors, they have been loath to take part in any war that Canada has been engaged in. I can’t say that this ongoing attitude in that province particularly endears them to me. ... read post

July 11, 2007

Flying the Red Ensign

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A couple of days ago, Senator Romeo Dallaire spoke out decrying the flying of the Red Ensign on a regular basis at the Vimy Memorial. Back in March when the discussion about the flying of the Red Ensign at the commemoration ceremonies for the Battle of Vimy Ridge, I agreed that the Red Ensign should fly during that time. It was a time to honour those who fought the battle, those who died and those who survived. They had served under the Red Ensign and honour should be rendered to them with that flag flying. ...more

July 9, 2007

Along the Highway of Heroes

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Last night, hundreds if not thousands of Canadians from Trenton to Toronto along Highway 401 put aside any differences they might have about Canada’s mission in Afghanistan to turn out in honour of our fallen heroes. Every young Canadian who has returned home in a casket since the mission started in 2002 has taken this same route, landing at CFB Trenton to be received by their family and their comrades in arms and then taken by motorcade with their family to Toronto ....more

July 4, 2007

We Will Remember Them

In honour of our fallen CanadiansThey shall grow not old, as we who are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them

In memory of our fallen Canadian:

Capt. Matthew Dawe -- Afghanistan July 4, 2007
Master Cpl. Colin Bason -- Afghanistan July 4, 2007
Cpl. Cole Bartsch -- Afghanistan July 4, 2007
Pte. Lane Watkins -- Afghanistan July 4, 2007
Cpl. Jordan Anderson -- Afghanistan July 4, 2007
Capt. Jefferson Francis -- Afghanistan July 4, 2007

Always Caring -- Always Canadian -- Never Defeated

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