February 28, 2007

Clauses Ride Into the Sunset

After a heated and often acrimonious debate in Parliament two very controversial clauses in the Anti-Terrorism act of 2001 have been voted down and allowed to expire as of midnight tonight. I take a look at the final vote over at Out of the Shadows.

Soccer or Headscarf?

Over on Out of the Shadows I've had a look at the issue that arose at a soccer tournament in Quebec last weekend when an eleven year old girl was forced to choose between playing soccer or wearing her hijab. She chose the hijab and her team walked off with her.

February 27, 2007

Gas in Ontario

On a lot of Ontarians minds today is the supply of gas for their vehicles in the province. A fire at Imperial Oil's Nanticoke oil refinery two weeks ago and a strike by CN Rail has sparked a shortage of gas in some areas that is growing. I'm talking about that over at Out of the Shadows.

February 26, 2007

Natasha and Other Stories

As I said in my previous post about Canada Reads, I have posted the first of the five book reviews of the books being defended this week. Natasha and Other Stories by David Bezmozgis is being defended by Steven Page.

February 25, 2007

Canada Reads

Over on Ides of Books I've taken a look at Canada Reads which winds up this week with a week of radio debates. This is a made in Canada program and well worth having a look at. I'll be posting reviews of the five books being defended this week as well.

February 24, 2007

TJX Breach Even Wider Than Before

It seems that data breach at TJX Companies Inc, the parent company for Winners / HomeSense Canada and other US and international retailers is even broader and longer than previously reported. I'm again talking about it at Your Money and YOU

February 22, 2007

Harper Finds a New Low

Harper proved he's capable of sinking to a new low when it comes to mudslinging and slandering other people and groups for political gain. His remarks in the House of Commons in this story is no exception. I'm more than weary of the ongoing election campaign the boy has been waging for the last year.

Ontario Eyes Banning Lightbulbs

The Province of Ontario is looking at following the lead of Australia and banning the sale of standard lightbulbs in favour of compact florescents. Not a bad idea.

February 17, 2007

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Over at It's All About Money I've done a post on... you might have guessed... traffic. Getting traffic to your site or blog is an ongoing challenge. The post has some links you can explore which has suggestions about generating traffic to your blog.

The Military and Doomsday.. no they aren't related

A couple of pieces today over at Out of the Shadows. One talks about the project known as the Doomsday Vault which is being constructed in Norway. Something I had never heard of before and found rather interesting. The other piece looks at Gen. Rick Hillier's latest comments that someone didn't like. As usual, Hillier is getting flack for speaking the truth, straight from the hip and honestly. God bless him, Canada needs more like him. Hell, the world needs more like him.

February 16, 2007

Life and Faith

Over at Ides of May I did a bit of catching up today. One post brings me up to date on what I've been up to. The other post is a bit of a Faith Reflection, my faith and what is going on in the church I express that faith through.

More About The Law

Over at Out of the Shadows today is confirmation that, on the surface at least, Harper will respect the Kyoto bill passed by the House on Wednesday. However, like most things with Harper, it is not that cut and dried should the bill actually pass into law once it goes through the Senate. Meanwhile, the Liberals have their own problems. The two sunset clauses built into the anti-terror legislation passed in the wake of 9/11 are being pushed to be allowed to expire from members of the Liberals who were responsible for passing the bills. At this point Dion has choose to oppose the extension of the clauses. My two cents can be read here. Fee free to add yours.

February 15, 2007

Winners / HomeSense Canada Security Breach

We first heard about this data breach in December. Now we're learning that it is more widespread than thought and has prompted three of Canada's five charter banks to reissue thousands of credit cards. I'm talking about that over on Your Money and YOU today.

It's About the Law

Two posts on Out of the Shadows today, both of them related to the law of the land. The opposition parties have passed a law in the House of Commons which will require the government to honour the Kyoto protocol. So, the question is, Will the Conservatives Obey the New Law? An article in the Globe & Mail last week brought forth the information that the government has been moving to stack the committees which select candidates for appointment to the courts. For the most part, political partisanship present in the appointment of judges is nothing new, the twist here is the partisanship and the agenda behind the move to stack the committees.

February 11, 2007

Widows of Canadian Soldiers Take on the Banks

I'm a tad ticked over at Out of the Shadows today. I am one who believes that if a Canadian is good enough to die for this country then his family should be good enough to get the support and help needed in gratitude for their loss.

February 9, 2007

How to Establish Credit

You're in need of that first credit but don't know how to go about getting it? You'll need to have a read of How to Establish Your First Credit over on Your Money and YOU

February 8, 2007

New Blog Released -- From Credit to Savings

Have I ever mentioned that I do actually have a life offline? I don't actually spend all day writing blog entries although that would be a nice thought if it paid enough. So, another week another blog. This one relates to my offline work which is as an insolvency consultant and counsellor. Your Money and YOU! will explore your credit, savings and investing. The first entry (other than the intro entry) I've published over there is on how to protect your cards from credit card fraud.

February 6, 2007

Got Virus Yet?

I've obtained a copy of Seth Godin's landmark book "The Idea Virus" which laid out the whole concept of viral marketing, especially online. Since I obtained it for no charge and it is freely available for distribution, I've made it available as a free download from It's All About Money. If you want a bit of a sampler what it is about, you want to check out Bitten By the Idea Virus Yet? and then download the book. It isn't a short read but it is a good read.

February 5, 2007

Change of NATO Command, Canucks Get Relief

Over at Out of the Shadows today, I've looked at the change of command of the NATO forces in Afghanistan while at the same time, Canadian troops are being rotated out. I also had my two bits to say about notorious pedophile Shaun Deacon having the restriction on him eased.

February 4, 2007

I'm Canadian, Let's Talk Weather

The weather that triggered a serious accident near me on Thursday is still happening today. I am talking about it over on Ides of May. We've not had large volumes of snow it has just been spread out over several days along with wind and BRRRRRRRRR temps.

February 3, 2007

Not Only Muslims Have Extremists

Came across an article in the Globe and Mail today that I'm talking about over on Out of the Shadows. The behaviour described in the article towards women is not much better.. actually it isn't any better than the behaviour by the Taliban towards women. I don't care what religion the extremist is, it has to stop.

What Not To Do

If you are looking to use articles to market your sites you need to not only be aware of how to use them but how not to use them. My article over at It's All About Money today talks about a free report you can get to to learn exactly that. The link to get the report is on this blog or you can read my outline and decide if it is one more item to download. Downloading them I find is never the problem, taking time to READ them is.

February 2, 2007

Pickton Trial & What's a Blog Anyways

At the Pickton trial it seems the defense is a tad fixated on whether the police told lies or mistruths in trying to get the truth out of Pickton. Meanwhile, over at It's All About Money I've posted an article about what a blog is.

Deadly Accident

Normally I wouldn't post about traffic accidents but this one is on Canada's busiest highway just west of where I live. As I type, traffic is flowing past my house and it's some 20 hours later. I post about it over on Ides of May today. The highway is expected to remain closed for a few days.

New Blog Debuts

Ides of Books has debuted today. The first post talks about Micheal Keren's book "Blogosphere: The New Political Arena” and the reaction to it within the blogosphere. Don't know that many will be rushing to read the book but he seems to have gotten a lot of blogger's attention.

February 1, 2007

Proving It Is Canada

After having earlier lamented on Ides of May that winter had forsaken us, I figured I'd better post showing that it truly is Canada and we are having a winter snowfall. Took the picture to prove it.

Sextuplets, Pickton & Arar

Well, actually, the three parts of my title aren't related except they are the subject of my posts at Out of the Shadows today. I had quickly reported the CTV report on the seizure of the sextuplets and found updated and more accurate information this morning. The Pickton trial continues with the cop who led the investigation on the stand, the defense lawyer seems a bit obsessed cause the cop lied to the suspect during the interviews with him. Geeze, he's a lawyer, he should understand lies. While the media to the south is largely praising the government's settlement with Arar, some MPs are reporting they are getting fallout from their constituents.

Sextuplets & Truscott

Over at Out of the Shadows I've had a look at the report of three of the remaining four sextuplets born in early January were seized on the weekend by the BC Government in order for them to receive blood transfusions which is against the faith of Jehovah Witnesses. I've also had a look at the start of Stephen Truscott's appeal before the Ontario Court of Appeal in an attempt to overturn a 48 year old conviction for murder.