September 28, 2008

I’m Stealing Today

Posted on: Ides of May
Yes, I wrote that correctly, I’m stealing today for myself. Since the first of the month it seems I spend more time doing things for other people than for myself. So, today is for ME!

I’m actually supposed to be elsewhere but I decided that where I was supposed to be is not the end of the world if I don’t show up. So, I’m home, doing some reading and some writing that I’ve been wanting to get done for ages. -- read more

September 23, 2008

Harper Needs to Go

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
Well, we’re two weeks into an election campaign here in Canada and so far I’ve not commented. I have some concerns about Dion as a potential Prime Minister, but I have ZERO doubts about the fact that Harper needs to go. As much as I don’t like Layton and his politics, I could live with him as the Official Opposition and Harper reduced to ‘also ran’ but that isn’t going to happen. At this point, it appears that we’ll do good if Harper manages to be kept to a minority government.

Ironically enough, some of my doubts about Dion have been quelled by Harper. See, first and foremost, Harper is a bully. Bullies often instinctively see value in their opponent that they want to flatten, quickly. -- read more

September 1, 2008

On Turning 50 Years Young

Posted on: Ides of May
Okay, so today I turn 50 years young, or old. At 50 it is midway into the century so who really cares if it is old or young? Now, that sounds presumptious, that I might live to 100. It’s not impossible actually, my grandparents for the most part lived long lives, my paternal grandmother to 101, my paternal grandfather 96, maternal grandmother 99 and grandfather 88. My parents didn’t fare quite as well, mother died at 74 from breast cancer and dad at 84 also from cancer. So, my odds might be a tad shorter with that.

One legacy my parents left me is that we don’t need to dwell on the various stages of life. They are going to happen, there is not a lot of sense in trying to put them off or fight them, just accept them as the normal cycle of life. I’ve known friends who almost obsess over them, some people become almost immobilized, that just doesn’t make sense. I don’t have to either like them or welcome them, I just have to accept that life change is inevitable. -- read more

Harper Determined to Have Election

Posted on: Out of the Shadows
Well, the boy Harper seems to be determined to have an election this fall. The writ could be dropped as early as Friday, according to (of course) unnamed source. Both Duceppe and Layton have had the meeting that Harper requested, supposedly in a last ditch attempt to arrive at some consensus about the fall session of Parliament and to end the ‘dysfunction crisis’ that Harper has manufactured. -- read more

End of Hiatus - Happy Labour Day

Posted on: It's All About Money
As you may have noticed, posting on It’s All About Money has been rather sporadic the last few months. That is about to change, but not today. Today is a holiday in Canada and the US - Labour Day. Today is also my birthday, how appropriate for 50 years ago today, my mother was in labour. I know, not the kind being celebrated today. -- read more